Celebration Assembly

Date: 16th Nov 2020 @ 4:28pm

This week's super star award goes to....


Betsy in Nursery for always trying her best.

Finley in Class 1 for always being helpful.

Rocco in Class 2 for trying really hard to work things out himself and with his concentration.

Stacey in Class 3 for developing an 'I can' attitude to her work.

Amy in Class 4 for being an excellent role model.


This week's Wicked Writers are...


Albert in Nursery for his work on sentence substitution.

Sebastian in Class 1 for always trying his best.

Blake in Class 2 for trying really hard with his presentation.

Poppy in Class 3 for her writing on London landmarks.

Natalie V in Class 4 for great work in her creative writing task.


The Mighty Maths Awards goes to...


Niamh in Nursery for posing her own problems.

Megan in Class 1 for being enthusiatic and answering questions relating to halves and quarters.

Charlie in Class 2 for trying really hard on multiplication and division.

Thomas L in Class 3 for his work on finding 1, 10, 100 more and less.

Holly A in Class 4 for fantastic Maths work all week.


Our Marvellous Mindset Awards goes to...


Oliver in Nursery for always putting in lots of effort and trying his best.

Daisy in Class 1 for attempting to ensure a sentence makes sense.

Violet in Class 2 for wanting to get on and finish. She is trying very hard.

Caddon in Class 4 for trying really hard to stay on task.

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