Class 3 BLOG 2018/19

Date: 5th Sep 2018 @ 8:58am


Friday 9th November 2018

Class 3 have had a tremendous week!

We have explored, just like Gulliver, the wonderful continent of Europe. The children have used an atlas to locate countries and their capital cities. We have imagined ourselves as Gulliver, responded to questions and writing a diary entry on our return from Lilliput. 

Class 3 were by far the best performers at the local recording studio! They managed each of the four songs in one take. They were also complimented on their behaviour at the Cenotaph during the local schools' Remembrance service. We were then awarded the SJSM Trophy for the highest amount of Fantastic Tickets this week! 


Friday 19th October 2018

Our final update this half term....

The week has been extremly busy but by far the hightlight was Class 3's Dojo shop!

The children were able to transfer Dojos into sterling and spend what they have accumulated so far.                                                             


The children have been busy planning and writing a poem for a Young Writers competition and the work they have produced is fantastic!

We expect information soon regarding poems which will be published. 

To end the Healthy Humans topic the class have been looking at their favourite drinks to determine the sugar content.

There were some suprising results, we will be displaying the children's findings after half term.


Friday 12/10/18

This half term has flown by and we'd like to quickly share some of the amazing work that has been completed. 

Poetry in different forms has followed on from 'Fables' and the children have used food to inspire their work.

They have analysed a variety of shape poems and read aloud to the class to see if they could guess the pysical shape of the poems.

Once the class understood some features of shape poems they wrote their own!




Friday 21/09/2018

Good evening! The weeks have flown by and we have just finished our 3rd week back in school. The literacy focus, Fables, is always a popular one and this year is no exception.

Children so far have looked a number of Aesops Fables and are currently working on extracting the plot to write one of their own! 

The class have produced some excellent work in numeracy on place value and we will be moving on to rounding numbers next week.

In topic, related to Healthy Eating, we are examining the nutrients different foods contain. We would be greatful if you could send in any food packaging with this information on. Thank you to those children who have already completed homework, the display in class is starting to come together nicely. 

There are already a number of jumpers left in Class 3's cloakroom, they are unnamed and children have not claimed them. If you have jumpers missing please pop in. It is important that all clothing, uniform and PE kits are labelled clearly with children's names so owners can be easily identified.

Enjoy your weekend, see you Monday


Tuesday 4th September

A warm welcome to parents and carers at the start of a new school year.

A class newsletter and homework sheet has been sent home with your child and is also available to view here.


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