Class 4 2020 - 2021

Mr Allton


Welcome to Class 4

 Activities are available on the Home Learning page, but there are also files included here. It is vitally important you continue your learning at home. You can still contact Mr Allton via the shared blog on Purple Mash. If you have set up your class email (sjsm) you can email Mr Allton at

Remember a balance between activities on the computer and practical activities is vital. 

Ideas to support your child:
•Recap specific grammatical terminology
•Practise spellings from the Y5/6 word list and put them in sentences
•Read lots of different types of texts and discuss them
•Practise calculating using all 4 written methods of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
•Explore equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages
•Practise calculations using fractions and decimals
•Find fractions and percentages of amounts

Practical activities

-using play dough to make different shapes and predict which will float and which will sink

-bake a cake

-design and make a superhero and a comic strip to show their adventures

-draw a poster explaining the importance of a healthy lifestyle

-estimate the perimeter and area of different rooms in your house

-create a model of the solar system

-drop a piece of paper to the ground. What do you notice? How can you make it happen quicker?

-write a letter to someone you admire

-how many times can you throw a ball, clap and catch it in a minute?

-write instructions to tell a friend how to lay your favourite game

-write the birthday of each family member in Roman Numerals

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