Class 4 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Class 4

On our class page, you will be able to find information about all our subjects this year and the learning we will be doing. I have also included at the bottom of this page, an electronic copy of your spellings for this half term, as well as your homework sheet and some links you might find useful for your learning.


Homework is important for rereshing previous or current concepts in Reading, Maths and English. In order to strengthen children's knowledge, we have set weekly homework that will be scheduled and be completed by the designated time specified in the letter sent home. Children will be required to complete the detailed pages in the CGP books and hand this back in for teachers to check. Further to this, Home Learning Logs are another opportunity for children to explore other topics in a creative way. See Home Learning Log link below for more information. 


Reading books need to be brought in daily and children should be ready to change them weekly to ensure children are making progression in their flunecy of Reading. It is highly important that they read daily to support fluency of reading and comprehension on text. Please ensure that parents/guardians write in their  child's reading records and indicate that they have finished reading their books in order to change this. 

SATs Booster Club

As SATs will be going ahead in May 2022, I have begun a SATs Booster Club that will take place on Tuesday's and Thursday's, 3:30pm to 4:15pm. We will revise concepts, that have been previously taught, in both Maths and Reading to strengthen knowledge and apply these in class. If you would like your child to attend these clubs, please speak to Miss Hall to find out more. 


Choir will take place on Monday 3:30pm-4:15pm with Mrs. Windslow. If you would like your child to attend choir, please speak to the office to enquire about this. 

Football Club

Football club will take place on Monday's from 3:30pm to 4:15pm with Mr Lofthouse. As the weather is becoming colder, we recommend that children wear weather-appropriate clothing. This includes, long pants, long-sleeved tops and a jacket.

P.E. Days

PE will be on a Thursday so the children need to come to school in their kits known as 'PE Ready' day. Children will need to wear appropritate school P.E uniform which consists of black shorts, white polo with black pumps or trainers (if outdoors). On a Wednesday, the children will also go swimming in the afternoon so will need to bring their kit. Goggles may be worn but a letter needs to be brought into school giving permission. 

Topics for Autumn 2 

This term, our topic in Geography is 'Journeys and Trade'. Children will be exploring and reading texts that relate to the continent, Africa, and writing a narrative that reflect the text they have read. Likewise, in Maths, Year 5 are studying Multiplication and Division, involving prime, squares and cubed numbers. Year 6 are currently studying Fractions, involving recapping some concepts from previous year, such as comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. Autumn 2 focus in P.E is Dance. We are in the planning and revision stages of a whole-class dance. In our Computing, we are learning how to code effiecently, simulating a Physical System and Decomposition and Abstraction. Our focus for Science, Biology, is Living Things are their Habitats. We are continuing to study classifications of animals and group these based on similar or difference characteristics. In Art and Design, we are studying architecture and looking at the artist Hundertwasser.

If children would like to research or bring in learning from home that they have done based on our learning in school, they are more than welcome. 

Thank you for your continued support

Miss Hall & Mrs Driver 

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