Pre-school Stay and Play

Start: 27th Mar 2020 1:15pm

Duration: 1:15pm - 2:45pm

Pre-School Stay and Play at SJSM

All are welcome to come and join us for a fun filled creative session.

It is only £1.00 for an adult and one child.

There is a designated Baby Area with soothing music, age appropriate toys and books. Each week children can intergrate with our Nursery children to do a wide range of tasks and activities, they can become different characters, sparking their imaginations in our Role Play Area or be outdoor explorers in our Outside Play Area.

We believe greatly in creativity so have a wide range of learning resources available such as Arts and Crafts, Jigsaws, Various genres of books, water play and sand along with play-doh and construction.

Some weeks we will also be decorating cakes or biscuits and food tasting. (Please inform staff if you or your child have any allergies.)

We are a Breast-Feeding friendly school and each session we have a healthy snack.

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