Coding Club

Welcome to Mash Club!

What is Mash Club?

Mash Club is a pack of resources for running a computing coding club at your school using Purple Mash tools. Currently this includes an eight week course on Coding and Blogging using 2Code and 2Blog. We aim to expand this offering into other areas of Computing in the future.

How does Mash Club work?

In each session of Mash club, children will make a game and blog about their game or comment on others’ blog posts. There is no general ‘Introduction to 2Code’ lesson as it is hoped that the instructions for making the games are detailed enough that children will learn this along the way and the idea is for a club atmosphere rather than a lesson/classroom one. If you feel that your children need a general introduction then the 2Code User manual can guide you in this.

For more information about this club please speak to Mr Allton.

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